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Why Advertise on Cable TV?

  • When the question arises, why anyone would want to opt for cable tv ads and how we as a network stand out of the competition and are different from other advertising cable  networks, here’s how…
  • The main competition for cable tv ads is display ads, social media ads, outdoor ads, etc. We have an edge over all of these advertising platforms because of the mentality of our viewership. People usually watch television in their leisure time and will be watching it with utmost attention and this attention span can be used for advertisers’ benefit by putting up an advertisement in between programs which will reach the target audience in their highest attention span.
  • The reason why anyone should choose us over other advertisement channels is because of our outstanding reach gained from multi-lingual widespread viewership which can reach out to audiences across the country and our cost efficient and budget friendly prices makes it easier for anyone to invest in, without thinking about the budget.